Shema Abdul Wahid
Social Evils refer to those things which are very harmful for the development of any country.Social evils are massive issues that effect the members of the country.A society is a building block of a country.So,social evils are the mOst dangerous things that lead the country towards the destruction.They will destroy the peace of the country or society.A beautiful society is where every work or everything goes smoothly in order to make the society like a paradise.When the laws are followed and corruption doesn’t appear then society looks the most beautiful place of the world.But unfortunately, I belong to a society where everyone is facing several social evils due to which humanity, laws and peace of the country have been destroyed very badly.Sometimes, society is involved in such things that it gets damaged and looses its attraction.Such social evils finish the beauty of the country.Injustice and lawlessnes are one of the major social evils which appear in our society.A society without justice is like a place full of hardships where there is no protection for weak.Another social evil is favouritism.Our political leaders are criminals of social crimes.In this way,they deprive those who really deserve.The most common social evils are poverty, corruption, bribery, lack of proper education for females, unemployment, child labour, sexual harassment and many more. Poverty is the main reason which is ruining our society. Poverty is when fundamental requirements of life are not available to people and those who live harshly or below the poverty line.Basic needs include food, education, clothes, medical facilities or shelter in order to live a prosperous life. sexual harassment is another reason for the destructive of society where children and females are being made the victims by inhuman people of the the state. It’s heartbreaking to mention that our country has the highest ratio of child labour due to which the innocence of children are being exploited.The basic reason of child labour is unemployment which makes the parents compel to send their children for working in order to feed the hungers of family.Thus,the country is full of social evils that even words can’t explain.The country won’t be developed till these evils are not eradicated.The citizen and Government should be united so that no one should suffer anymore. Therefore,it’s my deep rooted request to concerned authorities to take strOng actions against the dangerous evils in order to save the future of the country.


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