Naseebullah Khan
Cop26 (Conference of the parties) was the twenty-sixth meeting under the umbrella of the United Nations for overcoming climate change and global warming disasters. Its first meeting was held in 1995 under the treaty of the United Nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) in 1992. It has set a target of net-zero by 2050 along with focusing on green and clean energy. it further works on the implementation of the Paris agreement to reduce 1.5 Celsius which was before the industrial revolution, to cut emissions from burning coal, oil, and gas, and to provide financial support to developing and least developing countries against climate change. Around 100 plus countries have pledged to reach the target of net zero by 2050 and end the use of Coal, which is responsible for 40 percent of the total emissions over the globe. The twenty-sixth meeting which was held in Glasgow from 31st October to 13 November 2021, in which 120 plus heads of states and around 20000 diplomats, representatives of different organizations, and experts participated, they agreed that; 1. The cop will provide 1 Trillion USD to developing and least developing countries to overcome climate change by 2025. (In 2009, it was pledged that poor states will be provided financial support of 100 billion USD by 2020, but the promise was not met.) 2. The US and China pledged to cooperate for the next decade. 2. The members were agreed to stop deforestation at about 85 pc. 3. They pledged to cut the emission of Methane by 30 pc by 2030. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is responsible for only 1 percent of global emissions but it is the most vulnerable to climate change. It generates 29 pc electricity from hydropower. Whereas the government of Pakistan has a strategy to include 30 pc of renewable energy by 2030. Government has the ambition to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2030. Federal Minister on Climate Change Malak Amin Aslam articulated that the net-zero target by 2050 for Pakistan is impossible. Many reasons such as economic decline as it has faced due to the result of the global war on terrorism and outbreak of Covid pandemic. It can be only possible if the world community invests in renewable energy in Pakistan and helps in it for green and clean energy initiatives. Tailpiece. Scientists believe that mere achieving the target of net zero is not the solution. Until and unless new research concerning overcoming emission hazards are taken into consideration along with the political will of gigantic powers, the disaster of climate change and global warming will continue engulfing the mother earth.

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