Adnan Shafi
Oppression is a virulent act, the hands of those who are oppressed are also crippled, and those who do not stop it, become spectators and fall prey to it. The rule of jihad in Islam is actually in the same context, it is so common, apparent and logical thing that it has been practiced in every age. But alas, today is the time to make videos, take photos with the troubled, especially the Muslims have made their mark in India, they see sedition and disorder in a province, the blood of a Muslim is flowing in front of their eyes, tyrants, Bullies, and political assassins keep beheading, but they cut their tongues. They are even seeing how the whole government system and constitution are exploiting Muslims and trying to uproot them. But they break their legs and sit and pray, wait for the army of Ababel, and keep their eyes locked on their faces so that the flames of this blazing fire come to their house, then it will be thought, otherwise all Well, the result is that today India is witnessing the misfortune of Muslims everywhere. All this is the fruit of the plant planted by our own hands, we are the ones who have the opportunity to rise up against oppression. You know if the oppressor is not punished. Given that, the foundation of the society will be shaken, and the whole society will be oppressed because of this tyrant. The lives of Muslims everywhere are under threat Whether it is Kashmir or Palestine, the oppressor, and his oppression is in front of the whole world. The target is Islam and the oppressed Muslims who are being massacred. No house, no mosque is safe, even the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first qibla of the Muslims, the tyrants ran and attacked the Muslims praying for which the night of the 27th of Ramadan was chosen. Oppressive India on the one hand and Israel on the other. Whether Kashmiri or Palestinian, they are looking at a world of apathy. They are seeking help from the Muslim Ummah. Nothing is happening The oppression of the oppressor is increasing, the blood of the oppressed is flowing. The muslim countries have become silent spectators. No one dares to stop the hand of the oppressor, to help the oppressed. This situation is something about which the meaning of the command of the Almighty is, “Why do you not fight in the way of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and to help the weak oppressed men, women and little children. Islam insists on helping every oppressed person and here the oppressed are our Muslim brothers and sisters. Innocent people, including Muslim children, are being brutally killed and we Muslims, our rulers, and our forces do not seem ready to fulfill our religious duty. The tyrant is openly violating UN resolutions, but the UN is silent. The OIC is a Muslim organization, but it also does nothing but spend money on such occasions and is practically completely ineffective. It would not be wrong to say that it is over. After all, Muslims are the most persecuted people in the world today. Whether it is Kashmir or Palestine, no one is interested in resolving Muslim disputes despite UN resolutions. Muslims living in the West are being discriminated against, they face hatred and malice. Insulting Muslim holy figures has become common in several places and they know that even if Muslim countries do more in response, there will be condemnation from a few countries. Now even within Muslim countries, good work is being done on the application of Western principles and Western culture and Islamic principles and Islamic rituals are being ridiculed. The Muslim Ummah is definitely in our dreams, it will be in our thoughts but no practical form of it is seen anywhere. This is the worst period of decline for Muslims


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