LAHORE:     Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered to seal the stores using plastic bags in Lahore city.

LHC bench led by Justice Shahid Karim took up for hearing petition filed by a citizen on use of plastic bags and sale of bottles Friday.

Anis Hashmi counsel for Punjab government filed environment department report about ban on plastic bag in the court and told several bakeries and government utility stores are not complying with court orders.

Justice Shahid Karim remarked “ seal those stores which are using plastic bags. If they don’t care on their own they should be expelled from the business. The stores and bakers give affidavit on implementation of court’s orders be given time for 7days.

Justice ShahId Karim remarked “ I am issuing notices to the companies engaged in selling water in plastic bottles. . The business of selling water in plastic bottles has been abandoned all over the world. Water is being sold in glassed bottles. The units which are selling water in plastic bottles are the biggest offenders. On next phase we will move to restaurants and bakers.

The law officer said the consumers raise hue and cry how they should carry eggs to home.

Justice Shahid remarked the consumers have no knowledge. The court has to get abolish anti environment things.

The court ordered to seal stores and different bakeries using plastic bags.

The court has also ordered to seal a larger store in Shadman.

The court has also issued notices to different beverage factories on sale of water in plastic bottles.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till March 06.


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