Girl’s education is centerpiece of prosperity. Undoubtedly, it is an ornament of the great people who carry education as their valuable asset. Moreover, education leads nations to its desirable heights. Nations fall and rise because of their policies. Ignorance to quality education causes irreparable loss to the great nations.
Education has remained a deplorable subject for decades. The nations who realized the benefits of education, invested in abundance. It is because they have presumed the positive consequences. Education cherishes personalities and draws the progressive paths. It helps to make a life better to live.
History book stands witness that education of boys only brings success to one individual at other side when a girl is educated, she not only becomes herself good human-being but also she makes the whole family educated and well-groomed.
It was long lasting dream of late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to bring out a quality educational institution for girls in the country where equal opportunities be provided to the girls who live in the remote areas of the country.
Owing to this lofty aim, first time in the history of city of larkana, the then Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Ghlani announced the project when he visited the boys’ Cadet College Larkana. Pursuing the sacred mission, the foundation stone of the institution was laid down in year 2018. The unflinching executing team of boys’ Cadet College Larkana initiated the work under the competent guidance of Principal & Project Director Brigadier (Retd.) Mr. Ghulam Raza, SI(M).

The project of establishing the state of art building institution has been achieved in record time of two years with its proper functionality. It is a history making step that presently it has enrolled 120 girls as cadets.

The prestigious educational institution for daughters of this pure land ‘Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Girls Cadet College larkana’ (SBBGCCL) chants a slogan that quality and better education for girls is an opportunity to prosper and empower the daughters.

This institution carries lofty aims particularly towards girls’ quality education. The SBBGCC is equipped with modern facilities such as magnificent academic building provided with modern furniture, latest tools of scientific experiment in the science labs, standard teaching accessories, splendid library with updated books and the spacious sports play grounds for girls.

In fact, this college is one step ahead in the quality and better learning. The girl’s cadet college is adjacent to boys Cadet College located at main road of Moen-Jo-Daro, it is around 27 kilo meters away from main city of larkana. The college adds beauty and records a new history that the some five thousand years old Moen-Jo-Daro was said to be a civilized nation in Asia, likewise college though established at far flung area of Sindh but it holds the high aims that it meets the challenging environment for the sake of education.
SBBGCCL confers quality and practical education to girls so as to meet with challenges of the society faced in day to day life.

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Girls Cadet College Larkana is the first in its importance to provide the quality education to the girls of interior Sindh and the country with equal opportunities. It is equipped with modern equipment of art, science, technology, and the physical uplift instruments.

The sport play grounds are beautifully laid out for the physical well-being and the fitness of the girls to uplift the challenges.

Girls are not left behind as underprivileged. They are indeed at high esteem and first in priority regarding the education. Girls will be given opportunities to have knowledge of indoor as well as outdoor games. The standard of sports is equivalent to national as well as international level. In addition, as part of sports, girls will be given the training of horse riding and swimming.

This milestone has got started to its venture when Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani the then prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan visited Boys Cadet College Larkana on 25th April, 2009. Availing the opportunity, he was presented with the project of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Girls Cadet College Larkana. Due to non-availability of funds and financial constraints, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training advised Sindh government to execute the scheme out of its own resources due to increase share in NFC award.

The project of establishing the Girls’ Cadet College Larkana was carried by ‘the Government of Sindh’ with following facilities for the larger interest of educational institution. The provision of 100 acre land free of cost, infrastructure, administrative, faculty support and the Principal Boys Cadet College is to look after the all the functions and take all necessary steps for the plans and their implementation.
Quality education is the fundamental right of every citizen.. It may concern education of boys or girls. They both stand equal in status and bear same opportunities and rights in articles of constitution of 1973. But, unfortunately, the girls education has always remained subject of debate and agenda but has availed no durable consequences towards its implementation.

One can not deny the fact that the education is the only source that can develop the institutions and happen to progress the tiers of the nation. Investment in education always bears positive results. No country can attain heights of prosperity if it ignores the strength of education.
History is replete with examples of such nations who believed that education of boys and girls plays a pivotal role in grooming the character and the personality of nation. Countries like Japan, Germany, and China invested their better resources in the quality education. Today, these countries are excelling in all fields i.e politics, science, literature, technology and art. All these achievements have become possible because these countries granted equal opportunities to boys as well as girls

Following such footprints, our country must invest in the girls’ education in order to steer the wheels of country towards the path of development.
In Pakistan, the current literacy rate for women, officially, stands at around 47 percent. Many believe it is actually considerably lower than this. There are also fewer girls enrolled in schools, even though this number has risen sharply over the last two decades, and more girls drop out of schools at the primary or secondary levels, compared to boys. Very few go on to acquire higher education.

It is hoped that the importance of girl’s education shall be realized in true letter and spirit. Like other institutions of the country, SBBGCC shall play a prime role in bringing the underprivileged and neglected girls to quality education. In near future, we all shall witness the participation of girls in armed forces and representation in national as well as international sports and steady participation in the society to eradicate social evils of society and play the part to change ignorant mindsets. Time is not so far when we shall witness that our daughters will courageously overcome the social taboos and undue restrictions and one day represent the true colours of Fatima Jinnah, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Marium Mukhtar and Arifa Kareem .
Mujeeb Ali Samo at Larkana

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