Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK):   Senior American diplomat Mr. David C. Allen has said that Kashmir’s peaceful resolution was essential for emergence of peace, security and stability in South Asia.

“President Trump’s mediation offer on Kashmir is valid if both countries accept it”, he added.

The US envoy expressed these views in a meeting with a delegation of the Kashmiri think tank – the Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD which called on him in AJK’s metropolis on Wednesday under the leader ship of the INSPAD President / CEO Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, former adviser to Prime Minister AJK, INSPAD President later told this Correspondent here on Thursday.

He continued that the delegation was comprised of senior INSPAD officials: Muhammad Akram Sohail, Mian Rafiq Jhagvi, Khalid Khurshid khan, Malik Saeed Awan Advocate, Mian Muhammad Attique and Ghulam M. Chaudhry.
The US diplomat lauded the fact that Pakistan had taken very practical measures to eliminate the terrorists outfits from the country.

Mr. David Allen said that Pakistan has made positive progress towards peace, prosperity in the region, but Indian leadership does not follow the same spirit.

The INSPAD President Sardar Tahir Tabassam suggested that if America appoints a special envoy to Kashmir to monitor the whole situation, it would be helpful in resolving conflicts in the future.

He pointed out that the Indian army killed innocent people in the bleeding vale of Kashmir in addition to carrying out serious human rights violations with genocide in the Indian occupied valley.

Tabassam apprised the US diplomat that 94,700 Kashmiris have so far been martyred, 10,000 women raped and 80,000 people have been disappeared besides over 7000 other innocent Kashmiris were martyred in custody by the Indian occupational forces in the Indian held Jammu Kashmir state since 1989.

The INSPAD President emphasized that India must start the composite dialogue to pave the for peaceful resolution of the conflict besides lifting the curfew and other communicate blockade like restrictions in occupied Kashmir. “Otherwise India will be responsible for a delicate situation in the subcontinent”, he added.

Akram Sohail a Retired top bureaucrat of AJK Govt. and Khalid Khurshid Khan, INSPAD Regional Director Gilgit Baltistan Region apprised the envoy of the legal impact of the Kashmir issue in the backdrop of the historical facts of the dispute.


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