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Parliamentary system has failed in Pakistan: Iftikhar Chudhary

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) The former chief justice of Pakistan and chairman Pakistan Justice and Democratic Party has said that the parliamentary democracy has failed to provide solution to the country’s problems and therefore there was a dire need to say goodbye to parliamentary system of democracy and move towards presidential system.
The former CJP made these remarks while talking to a delegation of journalists comprising of RIBJA president Sardar Shoukat Mehmood, Nisar Ahmed, Raheel Sawati, Ejaz Abbasi and others who called on him at his residence on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion Chudhary Iftikhar said that the sentence awarded to former primer Nawaz Sharif by the accountability court did not fulfill the requirements of justice. Regarding Kashmir he said that other than the UN resolutions India and Pakistan can find the solution to the lingering dispute peacefully. Referring to the present democratic system in the country he said that it owes to restoration of judiciary movement. “Had there been no movement the country would have still been struggling under the clutches of dictatorship”, he said adding that the strengthening of judiciary had ultimately strengthened the democracy in the country. Commenting on Judiciary’s role in making dams he said that construction of dams is the sole responsibility of government and judiciary have no role in this regard. However, he maintained that when fundamental rights of people are at stake then supreme court is bound to play its constitutional role. He said that government’s fund raising initiative to build Basha Dam was justified as construction of such dams was inevitable to ensured supply of drinking water to masses.

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