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Drink water think Hussain

Ghulam Mahdi Lund Larkana The tenth day of Muharram is known as the day of Ashura. Muharram is a month of remembrance and modern Shia meditation that is often considered synonymous with Ashura. Ashura, which literally means the “Tenth” in Arabic, refers to the tenth day of Muharram. It is …

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Rest in peace begum Kulsoom Nawaz

M Zafar Khan Safdar In her book’ JabaraurJamhooriat’ published in 2007, former first lady of Pakistan Begum Kulsoom Nawaz exquisitelynarrateddifference between democracy and dictatorship, shared the callous and violent behaviour of Generals who were responsible for the coup d-etatof 1999 in Pakistan, and discoursed the struggle rendered for the freedom …

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Voice from the Hills

Dr Mannan Wani To the digital audience, mostly educated, I had written a piece in CNS Kashmir, calling for contemplation and the revision of views. But within a span of 6 hours, Indian state in an utter frustration decided to blackout the links and brought them down. It was not …

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Ethical cleansing: Rohingya

By Maemuna Sadaf, Ethical cleansing of Rohingya people has been continued from last few years in Northern Rakhine state of Myanmar. Atrocities including severe beating, burning alive, water boarding, rape of young women and girls along with other sexual violence are common in Rakhine. The detained men and boys are …

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