US urged to help bring India-Pakistan on negotiating table


Muzaffarabad: Member AJK legislative assembly Naseema Wani MLA has asked the United States to help bring India to the dialogue table with Pakistan. She further said that Pakistan had been pressing Washington to stop India from warmongering in the region.

The constant tension between the two nuclear states had been brewing after the killing of freedom fighter Burhan Wani weeks earlier that resulted in utter unrest and despair in the held Kashmir. Naseema Wani MLA said that the Kashmir issue has been the main bone of contention between India and Pakistan. She said despite the tilt towards India, US was supporting Pakistan’s sincere efforts for regional peace, which India was bent upon disturbing.

Naseema Wani  MLA has reiterated that Pakistan wants solution to all outstanding issues with India including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. She vehemently condemned that Indian security forces martyred more than 150 Kashmiri Muslims and blinded thousands Kashmiris by brutal use of pallet guns during the last 100 days.

Ms Wani urged the British parliamentarians to send a delegation immediately to the occupied Jammu and Kashmir to know the plight of Kashmiri people there.