Envy and Fear: The Plight of Brave cop in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: In the bustling city of Peshawar, there exist numerous officers of the law who uphold the virtuous ideals of honesty and integrity. However, despite their unwavering dedication to serving justice, many of these noble individuals are unjustly relegated to inferior positions due to their refusal to acquiesce to the nefarious demands of their higher-ups. One such exemplar of moral fortitude is Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammad Shaheenshah, who has unfortunately become the target of a corrupt PSP officer. In a department where many DSPs and SHOs flaunt their wealth through lavish properties and private businesses, Mohammad Shaheenshah remains a humble servant of the people, residing in his father-in-law’s home. Throughout his entire tenure, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving the common man. Despite his sterling reputation, however, Shaheenshah has been unfairly was posted to the Central Jail Peshawar as a mere watchman, supposedly due to an ill-founded rumor that he is disliked by the intelligence agencies. It is a tragedy that such a brave and capable cop should be relegated to such a lowly position due to the jealousy and fear of his peers. However, despite his tribulations, Shaheenshah remains a shining example of the best of Peshawar’s police force. The business community, public, and social circles have all voiced their support for the promotion, accolades, and recognition that this dedicated officer so richly deserves. It is incumbent upon the Inspector General of Police, Akhtar Hayat, himself an exemplar of honesty and dedication, to recognize the sterling achievements of DSP Shaheenshah and reward him with a posting and recognition befitting his exemplary performance. In so doing, the IGP can set an example for all other officers in the department and inspire them to achieve greater heights of excellence in the service of the people.

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