Mian Ejaz Hussain give 10-day deadline to government to reduce prices of petroleum products

Mian Rashid Asghar.
FAISALABAD: Central Secretary General of Pasban Rickshaw Taxi Drivers Union Punjab and nominated candidate of Jamaat-e-Islami PP-115, Mian Ejaz Hussain, while giving a 10-day deadline to the government, said to reduce the prices of petroleum products and to ensure operations against illegal Parchi mafias, otherwise there will be agitation across Punjab. He expressed these views while addressing the union meeting here today. On this occasion Noor Hussain, Muhammad Yusuf, Mubashir Reza, Muhammad
Hanif, Shahid Mahmood, Shabir Ahmed, Rana Yaqoob and others were also present. Mian Ejaz Hussain said, why those who ask for sacrifice from the nation do not sacrifice themselves & the ruling class has become a sign of punishment for the people. The nation should struggle to get rid of it as soon as possible. He further said adding that, the inflation has destroyed the purchasing power of the poor man, due to which here the stoves in the houses have become cold and they have been forced to commit suicide. He said that the global lenders and their agent rulers imposed on the country have linked the solution of all the problems and the improvement of the poor economy only to the IMF program and the aid received from it to press the nation. Instead of reducing its royal expenses and luxury, the government is putting all the burden on the poor people. He affirmed that despite the threats of bankruptcy of the country, the federal government has ordered 178 luxury vehicles and is not ready to reduce the burden of the 77-member ship cabinet. The prices of petrol, electricity and gas are being increased, but the landlords are not taxed. People are being asked for sacrifice, but the expenses of ministers, advisors and privileged classes are not being reduced. The current and former rulers have pledged the country and the nation to the IMF. Both blame each other, but in reality, everyone is the same in this bath. He said that they are giving a 10-day deadline to end the artificial inflation and immediate reduction in petroleum products and to conduct an operation against the slip mafia, otherwise they will start protests across Punjab.
Alas, “the house is on fire from the lamp of the house” as long as caste interests prevail over national interests, no nation can progress, he further expressed.
Unfortunately, the current political parties have been surrounded by selfishness.
He further said that the country rich in natural resources has been shown in the vortex of economic slavery.
How can people and those who play with these resources be considered worthy of being called patriotic Pakistanis?
This kind of behavior cannot be expected from outsiders too. He said that these lords of power have gone further than stepmothers who have no feeling and pain for the people in their hearts

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