Trying to associate with such political parties, whose leaders & candidates always have own interests is like misusing one’s precious time: Mian Ejaz Hussain

Mian Rashid Asghar.
FAISALABAD: JI nominated candidate MPA, PP- 115 Mian Ejaz Hussain has expressed that, trying to associate with such politics and political parties, whose leaders & candidates always have their own interests in their hearts, is like misusing one’s precious time.
The charter of democracy demands public thought with public interests and such schema is the guarantor of the development of the country and the nation.
That’s why, now the people are seeing every face , who has been pinching & drowning them ?

Quoting the poetic lines: he further said,

Neither God met nor Wasal Sanam.
Neither here nor there to stay,

Let this sorrow and pain remain in our hearts,
Neither here nor there to stay!

Mian Ejaz Hussain further said that the leadership of Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have left nothing but helplessness & anarchy in the people of this constituency. If any model work has been given by these political parties, should it not be presented in front of the people? Poor sewage system, broken roads, non-availability of clean drinking water and grounds for sports have been made a destiny of the people, he further said and added.
He exclaimed with sorrows, the area that gives the highest revenue has been suffering from deprivation for a long time. He has demanded the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner Faisalabad to start construction of Nawabanwala Road and Eidgah Road immediately. He expressed these views during the corner meeting in Muzaffar Colony and Mahmood Town. Mian Altaf Hussain. Tahir Ansari. Sanaullah Ansari and Rana Nazir Ahmed were also with him.
He further said that how long can anyone see the series of hurting public trust?
That’s why the institutions will have to always realize their responsibilities and solve the problems of the poor people on a priority basis.

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