Bhitshah Sufiism and Modern Sciences University organized two-days International Conference

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Matiari (Report: Muhammad Iftikhar Memon): Bhitshah Sufiism and Modern Sciences University organized two-day s Sufiism and Modern Science International Conference, scholars and experts from universities andinstitutions around the world participated in the conference.
Respected personalities participated, the atmosphere of love, peace and brotherhood can be spread around the world only by propagating Sufism and modern sciences and extremism.Terrorism can be eradicated: Speakers’ Address

A two-day Sufism and Modern Science International Conference was organized by Bhat Shah Sufism and Modern Sciences University in which scholars and teachers from universities around the world and students of universities participated. There were 6 sessions in the two-day conference in which foreign universities participated. And the scholars of the institutions online and the scholars of the country, Prof. Mohammad Arshad of Multan, Prof. Dr. Faiza Mirza, Dr Ghafoor memon, Vice Chancellor Syeda Prof. Dr. Parveen Manshi of sufiism nd modern science university Bhitshah, Vice Chancellor of Tondojam University, Dr. Fateh Muhammad Mari, Prof. Shabnam Gul. , Prof. Zahid Abro, Prof. Mubarak, Prof. Moieen Qazi, Prof. Faisal Karim, Muhammad Mureed Rahmon of Universities and Board, Prof. Naseem Akhtar, Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Shah, Prof. Dr. KB Mir Bahr, Dr. Syed Farman Shah, OGDCL Regional. Chief Mir Nawab Mithani, Director General Culture Munawar Mahesar,Abdulaziz ranjhani Assistant Commissioner Hala, Dr. Mazahir Buriro and others gave lectures on Sufiism and Modern Sciences in different sessions and presented papers.Terrorism can be saved. The teachings of the Sufis of Anka Khanatha are not limited to any one society, but they find attraction in every civilization and they are for humanity without any discrimination of language, ethnicity or beliefs, Sufism. The original interpretation of Islam is the guarantor of peace and security in the world. Sufism in America has had an impact on American culture in the face of global changes and the presence of the Muslim community. The Sufi movement has been gradually evolving in the West. Its Sufi Gulistan, Evergreen, movement has an evergreen or universal stance rather than a specific Islamic identity. The basis of religion is one immortal fact, for the development of the world, Sufiism and modern sciences will have to play their full role. Proclaimed the future action and paid tribute to Vice-Chancellor Sufism and Modern Sciences syeda Prof: Parveen Munshi for his endless services.

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