US Containment policy won’t work with China but cooperation might, experts

ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times):  Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) organized a Roundtable Discussion titled “US-China Rivalry at the Shores of South China Sea”. The esteemed panelists included Senator Mushaid Hussain Syed; Amb. Naghmana Hashmi; Mr. Zamir Assadi; Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal; and Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Ramay. The session was moderated by Ms. Sabah Aslam, Founder IICR.

The first speaker on the panel was Mr. Zamir Assadi. Speaking to the panel he said that the Global politics is shaping in South China Sea specially the recent incident of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Categorizing the visit as politically motivated Mr. Assadi Said that regardless of concerns by China, United States put global peace at stake. He further said that US scrapped three joint communiques which were singed between US and China and it puts pressure on developing countries who have working relations with Beijing. Adding further Mr. Zamir said that West’s investment in not only South China Sea but across the world are strategically and politically driven. Washington’s main focus is on investment in arms harming peace of Taiwan and US China relations. US is pursuing intentional aggression in the south-China sea mainly Taiwan and it is least concerned about harsh consequences faced by Taiwan like it is least concerned about Ukraine. Apart from international politics there is internal politics at play by US at the expense of Taiwan which is mid-term elections, said Mr. Assadi. In his concluding remarks Mr Zamir said that Washington needs introspection rather than putting global peace at stake.

The next speaker on the panel was Amb. Naghmana Hashmi. Amb. Hashmi said that Taiwan issue is not about one China policy. The issue of one china is settled it is the issue of sovereignty. Giving historical perspective in depth she said that Taiwan historically is part of China and later it was administered as province and administrative unit of China. Adding further Amb. Hashmi said that Japan and other imperial powers occupied Chinese territories which were liberated later and in Cairo declaration it is stated that all former Chinese islands shall be reverted back to China. She also said that one of the ambitions of China is the reunification of Islands. There were guarantees given to Beijing by Washington that US will not exceed Arms sent to Taiwan and it is strategically not adhering with the pact. Amb. Hashmi further added that it the sheer pace of China’s rise which discomforts west, China is ahead of west in technological developments which is pinching west specially US. Lastly she said that west is in pursuit to de-track China in order to slow it down or divert it.

Speaking next Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay said that go global policy of china began in 1980s and transformation of China is complete under Xi Jinping. It is the proactive policies of China which were not comprehended by west so they did what they do; rise tensions to escalate conflict. Adding further MR. Ramay said that Beijing is globally helping nations to grow it is ending food insecurity in regions like Africa. China is also securing its security gaps through sea because of the insecurity it has from it. Adding further he said that China’s security has taken a paradigm shift from territorial security to individual security which is centered on assuring security to every Chinese individual. Every Chinese life is a concern to China. Adding further he said that China will not respond emotionally.

The last speaker on the panel was Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal. Dr Jaspal said that when canons in Ukraine were fired it left a whole mark on world and we in Pakistan also faced it. Similarly if the fire started in South China Sea that it will have direct impact on Pakistan. Adding further he said that November 2022 is a decisive month and it will have a strategic impact. There is mid-term elections in United States because of which speaker Pelosi visit and then congressmen visit to Taiwan. Moreover, President Xi future will be decided in November CPC meeting. Adding further he said the conflict is evolving between USA and China and China’s rise is directly threating the ideas of the west. Dr. Zafar also said that since 2017 Chinese have also taken clear stance that it is no more pacifist state and will retaliate when necessary. The world is once again governed by geo-strategic ambitions which has heightened the security dilemma between US and China said Dr. Jaspal. Adding further he said that USA is facing challenges to compete with China and Washington lacks behind in technological run with China. In concluding remarks Dr. Jaspal said that Washington needs to learn from past and if things escalate in Taiwan it won’t be like Ukraine.

The concluding remarks were delivered by Senator Mushaid Hussain Syed. While speaking to the panel senator Mushahid said that China has transformed and it is its perpetual transformation that has propelled it to global arena. Adding further he said that American century began after WWII and decline of American century started on 15 August 2021 when Taliban took over Kabul. Shedding more on it senator Mushahid said that when US was busy with wars China was busy investing and is still doing it. It is a writing on wall that China has overtaken US in technology and it is even established in Harvard university report, it is not Chinese fact but report from US. US needs to understand that China will not allow red lines to cross said senator Mushahid. Talking about US’s military industrial complex senator said that US military is looking for next investment in shape of Taiwan crisis. In his concluding remarks senator Hussain that the world is witnessing cold war and US cannot win it in old way. US needs to understand Containment policy won’t work with China but cooperation might.

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