Minister Sajid Hussain Turi visits Overseas Employment Corporation

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Islamabad,(Parliament Times): Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Mr Sajid Hussain Turi visited Overseas Employment Corporation, and Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment today to attend briefings on the department and find ways to improve efficiency and maximize facilities to boost overseas employment opportunities.
Managing Director OEC Dr Farah Masood briefed the federal minister regarding working of the department; it’s achievements, hurdles, and future goals. She said that the department is doing exceptionally well with the current resources and can be made much more efficient through constant support from the ministry. OEC has successfully sent more tha 1,45,000 people Overseas through government to government contracts and it sees exponential growth in the future. The minister, while addressing to the media, expressed that the department will be supported in all ways possible to boost opportunities for the people of Pakistan. He said that Overseas Pakistanis are important for the current government and we would ensure all positive initiatives of the ministry must be  successfully implemented.
Mr Turi then visited Bureau of Emigration and was briefed by Director General Dr Muhammad Tahir Noor. The minister took note of the initiatives being made by the department to increase manpower export and said that more protector offices must be opened in undeveloped areas. He said that Pakistan is blessed with the resource of manpower and we need to ensure that every Pakistani has easy access to protector offices. Mr. Turi was of the view that focus need to be shifted to merged districts of FATA and Balochistan since people of these areas are most neglected.
Mr Turi concluded that the current government will ensure issues and concerns of Overseas Pakistanis are resolved on priority basis. He said that he believes in implementation more than makin new promises to the people.

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