Palandri teachers write to PM against corrupt principal

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ISAMABAD,   (Parliament Times) : Millions of lime to the treasury government, Vacated the house from the teachers and allotted it to his loved ones. On the occasion of the PM’s visit to Palandri, the principal had stopped the teachers from meeting the PM and briefed him on his honesty for hours.

According to the details, the teachers of Cadet College Pallandri submitted their written application titled Cadet College Palandri with the real face of the picture by attaching evidence of corruption and nepotism of the principal. It was also reported that Principal Sardar Khurshid had earlier fired the temporary employees of the college who belonged to the minority community on the pretext of financial difficulties of the college. Salary of these employees was between 07 thousand to 10, then after the donation days, his very close relatives, brother-in-law, cousin, nephew, niece, wife, brother-in-law, wife’s nephew and niece, more than 2 dozen people without advertisement and without test were recruited for a hefty fee for interview. Then the majority of them became permanent by depriving the existing temporary employees whose monthly salary is more than 10 thousand to 40 thousand and started unnecessary development works in the college.

On the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to Palandri last week, a briefing was given that on this occasion the teachers wanted to meet the Prime Minister and tell him the real situation but he stopped them from meeting the principal then they informed the Prime Minister about the situation in writing.


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