Markin Chochok reaffirms commitment to work for national security

ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times) : Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan Markin Chochok on Sunday called on Pakistan and Ukraine to take forward bilateral issues through organized forums and formal exchanges on cooperation in defense technology.
At a ceremony held at Ukrainian Embassy on the occasion of Ukraine’s Unity Day in Pakistan, the envoy reaffirmed commitment to work for national security and said that every effort is being made to address the issues of Pakistani community and students in Ukraine.
Expressing his views, Ukrainian Ambassador said that Ukraine attaches great importance to advancing bilateral relations with Pakistan in all fields, said the Ukrainian Ambassador. He commended Pakistan’s sincere efforts to bring peace and stability in the region and initiatives for peace process in different countries.
Ukrainian ambassador, speaking about the history of Unity Day, said that every year on January 22, the people of Ukraine commemorate two important historical events. The celebrations include the Declaration of Independence of the People’s Republic of Ukraine in 1918 and the Ukraine Land Accords Act of 1919, a year later. Not August 1991, but the restoration of the Ukrainian state.

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