GSISD organises webinar in connection with 2022 Winter Olympics


Nauman Ishfaq Mughal

Islamabad(Parliament Times): Global Strategic Institute for Sustainable Development – GSISD and “THE” Society  International organized a webinar titled “Sports and Sustainable Development; Olympics Games as an Agent of Peace, Coexistence and Sustainability” today.   The webinar was organized in connection with the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, which is going to be held from February 4-17, 2022 in Beijing China. The experts from various parts of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and America shared their views on different aspects of Sports, Sustainable Development and Olympics.

Marina Pedroso, a Brazilian Journalist and Women Empowerment Activist, spoke on the role of women in Sports and Sustainable Development. She also shared her experiences of traveling the world on her own with the main purpose of self-investigating and learning about gender roles and female realities in each country.

Ahmed Magdy, an Egyptian Sports Youth Development Expert based in the United Arab Emirates continued Marina’s argument regarding the role of women in Sports and Sustainable Development by extending the women’s contributions in the decision making process and different sectors of economy.

Dr. Claudia Palazzo, an Italian Journalist, Political Analyst on Global Affairs and President GSISD Italy-Chapter drew a parallel between the Ancient Greek Olympics games. Evgenia Terentieva from the United Kingdom who is a British “Queen’s Award” winner and music producer on peace and harmony spoke on the importance of performing arts and sustainability. She appreciated the role of People’s Republic of China in hosting the upcoming International Winter Olympics, in Beijing.

Dr. Muhammad Shakeel Ahmed, a Senior Researcher at GSISD on Global Politics explained the inception of Olympics by sharing the history of peace initiatives and its relationships with the sports.

While underscoring the special initiatives of GSISD, Shandana Gulzar Khan, a Pakistani Member Parliament and Ex-Chairperson Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) urged that the women needed more opportunities in the developmental sphere. She added that the biggest mafias against women and sports were those people who were not in the favour of global peace and Sustainable Development.

The Founder of GSISD and “THE” Society International Engr. Qaiser Nawab highlighted the relationship of sports and peace initiatives and said sports was not only a fundamental human right but also an agent of peace, harmony, coexistence, kindness, trust building and a reason for a prosperous and sustainable dignified world. He also conveyed his good wishes to the International Olympic Committee for the successful launching of the upcoming Winter Olympics in China next month.