KORT Ch made possible humanitarian aid to Afghanistan


Kashmir based world-renowned Orphan Relief Organization:
KORT is paving the ways for the betterment of humanity not only on the national level but internationally in different regions effectively.
Under the leadership of Chaudhry Muhammad Akhter (TI), KORT has served humanity in Education, Disabilities, Women Empowerment, Rehabilitation, Poverty alleviation, Food Supplies, Shelters, and Homes etc.

As per warfare consequences in Afghanistan, due to what the progressive graph of Afghanistan got disturbed totally, continuous war, and scarcity of resources due to the freezing of the country foreign assets not only that now the people there are at God’s mercy even to run their daily stoves. Keeping said humanitarian sensations in a hearted pot, KORT came in front of Massiha’s row and dispatched 21 trucks, carrying 202 tons of humanitarian aid containing Rice, Sugar, Flour, Cooking Oil, Pulses and Medicines to Afghanistan on 3rd-Nov-2021 as part of its efforts to avert the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country. The consignment was handed over by KORT Chairman Choudhry Muhammad Akhter (TI) to the IGP Paktia Molvi Umer Mukhlis through Kharlachi border with the collaboration of PACF.
Afghan counterparts gratefully accepted the aid and prayed for better relationships with each other in future.

In the second phase of Afghanistan, on 10th of December, 2021 KORT dispatched winter clothing for the 2400 families of Afghanistan to cope with this harsh weather.
The Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan was possible because of Chairman KORT Ch. Muhammed Akhter (TI) who dedicatedly worked hard and raised all the funding, meanwhile the project was led by Country Manager-KORT Sajid Dilawar Khan who coped with all hectic practices of logistics, procurement & liaising between all of the concerning authorities to pave the smooth flows of said project in an adequate and professional manners at all.

For the first time in the history, a Kashmir based organization is leading the way towards poverty alleviation, Educational advancement, provision of basic health care needs in war-torn Afghanistan. People from Kashmir, the diaspora community and Pakistani nationals are supporting KORT in this great cause.

KORT under the leadership of Chairman KORT Ch Muhammad Akhter (TI) is committed and working since 2005 to

– Provide education, good nutrition, and consistent loving care and encouragement to help orphaned and underprivileged children to perform better at school, be healthier, and become successful self-sustaining individuals.

-Enable communities to mitigate the effect of natural disasters by providing relief, protection, and recovery solutions.

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