Crash plants become cause of climate pollution at Gadop


Arshad Ali Gabol,

Malir (Correspondent):  A crash plant situated in the midst of Gadop habitations is being cause of climate pollution. Influential person have purchased lands to set up further crash plants between green belt and inhabitation also.
In this regards indigenous rights alliance and residents of area Hafeez Baloch, Rukhman Gul Palari and others spoke to media that more than 4 crash plants are working, out of them one is situated at Arzi Baloch village and others are in different areas of Gadop so if number of crash plants is increased further then future of following villages will be affected badly such as Faqeer Muhammad Sohrab Jokhio village, Chanesar Jokhio village, Mehran Khaskheli, Ghulam Muhammad Jokhio, Qadir Jokhio, Allah Bachaio, Jabali Jokhio, Konkar village, Imam Bukhsh Gabol, Arab Rind, Aziz Rind, Mewa Gabol, Hamal Baloch, Yar Muhammad, Hadi Bukhsh Gabol, Khamiso Jokhio, Ali Gabol, Gajan Baloch, Radho Jokhio Haji Arzi Baloch, Ghulam Muhammad, Bajar Gabol Shahi Gabol, Magrio, ahaji Faqeer Muhammad Baloch village and others.
More over they said that they have decided to protest and approach to court because situation of said villages has worsened due to climate pollution and residents of 25 villages are suffering from polluted smoke and have become affected by different diseases but department of ecology and elected representatives have become silent spectators.
They also told that habitants have been expostulating against illegal factories and industrial zone of private companies constantly but no any notice has been taken that’s why they have made their mind to approach court, although lawyers legal committee of indigenous rights alliance team has complete the task of survey.

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