What is advantages and disadvantages of smartphone


Ali Gul Napar
In today's era, smartphone becomes a priority in everyone life. So, every person use it in their daily life.
They use for communication, businesses, purposes and other activities. In today's world, the smartphones are the gadgets which have made everything reachable through a touch. There are some advantages and disadvantages Advantages:-1- You may know where you are and easy ways and routes
to go anywhere, especially in an unknown place.2- You can make the world listen to your voice in a touch.3- You can spend your time wisely reading the different kinds of news or doing some educational work.4- You can entertain yourself with games, music, cricket, or movies.5- Can avail the customer
service offers to be easily.6- Food and groceries can be ordered online.7- Endless apps are available to make dreams come true.Disadvantages:-1- The electromagnetic radiation will be high because of the heavy internet usage and it might lead to health problems. Such as, a brain tumor and skin cancer.2- The
heavy light emitted from the screen of a smartphone leads to serve eye strain during long time.

Eyes would slowly damage the retina.3- Even many psychological issues such as loneliness, being suspicious
all the time.4- Spending most of the time on the smartphone, it creates neck problems and sleep deprivation.5- Exposure to unwanted things on the internet effects a child's growth mentally and physically.6- Chances of losing money due to fraudulence on the internet.7- With every emerging new
models, there come new features which are really tempting to use. You may get into the crazy whirlpool
of going for new models always.Conclusion:- There are more benefits and limitations of using a smartphone. We should use smartphones for a limited time. As like, we have to use for important work, such as, studies, Islamic knowledge etc. We should stop to use the smartphone and even everythings
have their own limitations benefits. Therefore, one should always use things or a smartphone by keeping the bad effects in mind.