Officials licking resources of metropolitan corporation


Sahiwal (Bureau Report):  Jamil Shakri started distributing his cards instead of the official slip, Muhammad Ali, who was suspended on corruption charges, flouted the law Demand for action from the mayor. Motorcycle rickshaw fee in-charge Muhammad Ali and his associates are licking the resources of the metropolitan corporation like termites. Instead of deducting, he is receiving Rs. 30 per rickshaw per day by giving his visiting card, which is causing huge loss to the exchequer. The number of motorcycle rickshaws in the city is more than 5000 and the municipality has fixed Rs. After deducting all the other rickshaw drivers, he collects the rickshaw fee by giving his visiting card. According to the rickshaw drivers, Jamil Shakri threatens to stop the rickshaw and talk to the municipal official if he asks for a slip. They did No action has been taken but Jamil Shakri and municipal officer Mohammad Ali have been given open leave

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