Accused Patwari Qadeer Khan could be fired if found guilty

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Sahiwal (Bureau Report): According to details, Patwari Qadeer Khan involved in dozens of corruption cases was recently suspended by Commissioner Sahiwal for receiving work extortion from the people and an inquiry was launched but at the same time an officer promised Qadeer Khan. A few days ago, fulfilling his promise, this high official reinstated his beloved Patwari Qadeer Khan and posted him in Constituency 114 / 9L. The Patwari involved in dozens of corruption cases has not completed the inquiry In spite of this, restoration is a matter of concern for the district administration. With the backing of the anti-corruption slogan of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the officials have again given permission to this corrupt Patwari to loot. It should not be reinstated until the Patwari’s inquiry is completed. If he is found guilty of corruption, he should be fired immediately

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