No fitness certificate, no entry on motorway: DSP Motorway


Rawalpindi,    (Parliament Times) : The National Highways and Motorways Police is active in enforcing the rule of law and safe travel. 158275 actions were taken against the violators, fines of Rs. 674.31 million were recovered while 15 vehicles were recovered from the car thieves and 10 non-customs vehicles were also seized. According to D S P Motor way police Chaudhry Muhammad Ayub, entry of passenger vehicles on the motorway without fitness certificate has been banned. 29 482 passengers were responded to by the police helpline. Over speeding, use of mobile phones while driving and overloading are major issues which the Motorway Police also conducts public awareness campaigns to overcome. Talking to Daily Parliament Times, the DSP said that in order to implement the Corona SOP, the Motorway Police has also declared a vaccination certificate in public transport. Providing safe travel to passengers is a top priority but drivers should not violate the rules.