TJP condoles on Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s death

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Rawalpindi, (Parliament Times), (PR):  Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan (TJP) in a statement expressed deep sorrow over the demise of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, a key figure in the Mohsin-e-Millat nuclear program. He said that with the death of Khan Sahib, Pakistan lost a leader, a figure of wisdom and a great scientist. May Allah Almighty elevate their ranks and grant them a place in Paradise. Ameen.
He said that Dr. Qadir has dedicated his entire life to Pakistan. Due to his role in making the country a nuclear power and his role in the nation, the nation gives him the status that very few personalities got and thousand people attended the funeral prayer despite verst weather condition. Abdullah Gul said that no meaningful arrangements were made for the funeral prayers of such a great benefactor of the nation, which caused great distress to the people attending the funeral prayers.
He further said that the non-attendance of the Prime Minister and other important Govt. personalities at the funeral prayer and non-placement of the body in a gun carriage had disappointed the nation and created the thought that we should not be afraid of Western sanctions.

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