Pak-Saudi retain cordial relations on all levels: Punjab Governor


Lahore:  Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Pakistani and Saudi people have a strong relation that is based on religious and emotional harmony and the two countries stand firmly with each other on every front. Pakistan has always been on the front line with peace and against terrorism. The government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has also played a historic role for peace in Afghanistan. It has become necessary to resolve the Kashmir and the Palestine issue for peace in the world.

According to a statement issued from Governor House Lahore, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar was talking to Pakistani delegations after performing Umrah during his visit to Saudi Arabia. He also prayed for peace and stability for the Kashmiri and Palestinian brothers and sisters. He said that relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have become stronger than ever, since Prime Minister Imran Khan came to power, adding that we also thank the Saudi government for the historic steps it has taken to release the Pakistani prisoners. He said that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have ideal relations and the two countries stand side by side on every front and the hearts of the people of both countries beat together.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the government of Pakistan through its successful and independent policies has saved Pakistan from economic bankruptcy and the whole world is recognizing Pakistan’s economic development but Pakistan is still facing many challenges. He further said that the government is ensuring to strengthen the institutions of Pakistan so that country can be strong enough to confront the upcoming challenges. Appreciating the role of overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan’s economic development, the Governor said that in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Overseas Commission in the Federal and Punjab is working day and night to solve the problems of its overseas Pakistani brothers and sisters, adding that addressing the problems of overseas Pakistanis is the first priority of the government for which all resources will be mobilized and every rightful person will be given his right.

Governor Punjab said that PTI government is also fulfilling national aspirations on Kashmir issue. We have highlighted not only Kashmir issue all over the world but also the ongoing atrocities on Kashmiris and Palestinian people in the world. He said that the time will surely come when the Kashmiri and Palestinian people will also get freedom.