SBIP Sindh Expert Engineers visit Guddu barrage to inspect works


KARACH,(Parliament Times): Expert team of engineers of SBIP-Sindh Barrages Improvement Project Inspected Guddu barrage head works. Following directives of Project Director PMO-SBIP, Mr Ghulam Mohi U Ddin Mughal, a team of expert engineers SBIP led by Deputy Project Director, Mr Sajid Ali Bhutto visited the Guddu barrage head works, where he had a meeting with Mr Chris Hall CRE and rest of his team members.

They discussed training programs of {ADCP} Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and also the operation of Bulkhead gates being operated by the experts. The opportunity to conduct workshops for professionals Engineers and barrage staff members to guide them how to operate the bulkhead gates. The replacement of Guddu barrage gates are underway to enhance operational capacity after a long period of 59 years, when the barrage was commissioned in the year of 1962.

The World Bank funded the rehabilitation of structures and replacement gates of Guddu and Sukkur Barrages, including 25 replacement of head regulator gates off taking from Guddu Barrage. TTL-Task Team leader Mr Francois Onimus and experts SBIP-Sindh Barrages Improvement Project Mr Ghulam Moh u Ddin Mughal PD-SBIP, Deputy Project Director Mr Sajid Ali Bhutto, Director Mechanical Mr Noor Ul Arfin Baloch and Technical Officer Mr Imran Aziz Tunio, Mr Abdul Razak Memon Deputy Director Procurement are supervising the rehabilitation and changes of gates at Guddu barrage works heads.

Team leader, Mr Sajid Ali Bhutto further inspected Guddu barrage head works and also inspected the Ghotki feeder head regulators to check functioning of hoisting system including winch and drums operating through electric actuators properly maintained which were recently rehabilitated by the execution team/experts.