Samiya Hameed: A Real Queen for Women in different Communities


Naeem Kandwal
The mission of human life is to attain success. What does Success mean? Success can mean many things to different people. For some it is marrying the “right” person, having beautiful kids, acquiring wealth, or being popular. For others it means being recognized and appreciated for one’s talents, whether they be in business, arts, sports, or another field. Achieving goals is powerful and affects our success in life. Traditionally women are the homemakers, whilst men were in charge of bringing home the bread. In the past, it has been considerably hard for women to become successful as they were not permitted to break the gender boundaries placed upon them. Being a girl is cool, but it isn’t always easy! For no good reason, women are not always given the same chances as men. It is not an honor for man to succeed but it is a great honor for a woman to succeed despite her limited resources and certain boundaries and responsibilities Successful women are role models for other women in society. Samiya Hameed is one such successful woman who is a role model and a real Queen for other young women. Samiya Hameed is from Karachi.Pakistan Academician for the last 13 years and taught in different private & public sector universities. She is a highly educated female. She did her BS Marketing and Merchandising from Iqra University, AIFD (2014). She did MS in Design Marketing and Merchandising from Iqra University, AIFD (2016). She was awarded Gold Medal because she got 3.9 CGPA. She did MPHIL (Management Science, HR 7 Marketing) from Iqra University (2019). She has also done Professional Entrepreneurship course from IBA (2019). She is doing LLB from S.M Law College as she wants to become the advocate for human rights especially for women and kids. She has proved that Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Education allows you to turn your dreams into a reality and that’s why she focused on women skill based education and vocational trainings Samiya Hameed is the Founder of “The Queenspreneur” (Social platform for women entrepreneurs) & President & CEO of “talluQ” (NGO) and mostly focusing on Education and Women Health & Hygiene Projects considering the bottom of the pyramids she initiated the project of “Meri Safai” in which she picked the women from interior Sindh cities and indulge them to make cloth sanitary napkins and create awareness and taught them about the benefits of the product. She is also a founding memebr of other NGOs as well and working as a community catalyst for the society on different projects. She is a Lead Designer & Fashion Alchemist at “SaFah Couture” (Her Fashion brand along with his partner, Fahad Ahmed). She is also a Founder and human facilitator of Job Valley, providing HR consultancy services to those who don’t have HR departments in their organizations and also help youth to groom professionally. She is Executive member of FPCCI CSR Committee. She is also Executive Member of FPCCI Women Entrepreneurs Committee, Member of UK Pakistan Business Council. She is Ambassador of Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club. She is external Mentor of PAF KIET Incubation center. ICCBS KU, Her core competencies are Entrepreneurship Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Community and Leadership Development through Entrepreneurship, Training of Trainers (ToT) for sustainable employment Generation through Entrepreneurial Skills and Development in Communities, Green Entrepreneurship (Reflecting SDGs), Design Thinking Process, Marketing (Prototyping till Branding of the Business), Change Management, Sales Team management and Self-Management & Motivation. She is a multi-skilled and talented person. It is hard to master multiple skills. She is a good public Speaker.- She has spoken as a speaker in different universities like MAJU, Iqra University, PAF KIET, Jinnah University for women, Sindh Medical University, Sir Syed University for Engineering, Fatima Jinnah Women University Islamabad (online session), National College of Arts (Online) and at other business platforms. Ms. Hameed is currently a senior Lecturer in Institute of Business Management (IoBM) in Entrepreneurship Department. She is an active member of several Entrepreneurship and Business platforms. She is a member of Professional Youth Parliament. She is also a qualified Fashion Designer and Fashion & Beauty Consultant. She says “It was a turning point of my life when I took self-management trainings from Consultants of our future world (COFW)”. When I asked her what message she would like to give to her followers, she said: “Be thankful to each and every blessing you have in your life and ultimately respect yourself first so you will be able to respect others in your life. Also bring youth and your juniors in front, guide them, motivate them and make them realize their responsibilities”. Planning helps a business identify its goals, according to Management study Guide. She wants to build an institute based on the technical skills (mostly) where anyone can come and seek education (male, females & Transgenders). She wants to see her NGO to be listed in the top 10 social work platforms in Pakistan and eventually global and also wanted to connect with women in Prison to teach those skills which helps them for their better and decent living in future. She is also actively working with Drug Addicts in Rehabilitation centers and teach them different skills and help them to start their Entrepreneurial Journey. The biggest challenge facing women internationally is the fundamental inequality of political and economic opportunity that the majority of women in the world face. Now younger girls are taking control of their lives and making an impact in the world around them through the unique opportunities offered by the digitalized world today that makes communication and access to services faster and easier. This is why more females are venturing into entrepreneurship from a younger age to become financially stable and independent. Success is an abstract word that is seen by the position of a person at the point, but, usually what is neglected between the success and a woman as an entrepreneur is the hard work. Achieving success is not easy but when it is achieved with the right way of hard work and compassion, nobody can stop women from reaching her goal. Samiya’s successful life is the great example of this. She is a great example of success. She has proved that nothing is impossible. She is a role model & a Real Queen for youth.