CPNE denies to accept One Window Policy

Karachi,(Parliament Times) : The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) has rejected a proposal to set up a highly controversial, discriminatory and anti-media Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA), calling it the “Pakistan Media Destruction Authority”. In a press release, CPNE officials slammed the federal government for making every effort to unnecessarily control the media in the name of draft co-regulations for the proposed “PMDA”. In the name of One Window Policy and Regulation, there is a nefarious conspiracy to impose strict centralized state control over all media institutions, including the violation of freedom of the press and expression, in violation of the basic provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan. There will be devastating effects.

CPNE leaders vehemently oppose the proposed “PMDA” draft, which seeks to establish a tribunal and penalize journalists for discharging their professional responsibilities. The existing Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) rules for media, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (PEMRA) and Cyber ??Crime for Social Media also exist, under which journalists are being arrested. However, some parts of the PTA rules can be amended to improve social media, as print, electronic and social media are unique and separate media (which have their own identity and regulatory rules) and ground realities. It cannot be ignored and there is no need for any new legislation despite the existing laws. In the modern age of media, there is no room in the democratically elected era of forcibly expelling all media under one window policy.


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