Pakistan has nothing to do with Taliban: PM


ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said Pakistan has nothing to do with Taliban and there can be civil war in the event of monopoly of one group in Afghanistan.

“ Talks with India stand ruled out unless India reverses August 5 steps. India does not want peace because it is under domination of RSS ideology. A wrong impression is there in Afghanistan that Pakistan is controlled by military institutions”, he said this while talking to a delegation of Pak-Afghan Youth Forum in Islamabad.
The PM held India violated UN resolutions on August 5, 2019 and changed the status of Kashmir unilaterally.

He went on to say India unleashed a new reign of tyranny and barbarity against Kashmiris.

Pakistan has been raising voice for the protection of rights of Kashmiris since 1948 at international level, he underlined. Any talks with India stands ruled out unless it reverses its August 5 steps.

Talking about Afghanistan PM said in their recent statements Afghan leadership held Pakistan responsible for Afghan crisis despite the fact that It was Pakistan which struggled to convince Taliban to hold talks with US first and then with Afghanistan.

No country in the region can claim that it has made efforts at par with Pakistan, he said adding US special representative Zalme Khalil Zad has corroborated it.

Regarding the matter of kidnapping of daughter of Afghan ambassador in Pakistan PM said as per Safe city cameras daughter of Afghan ambassador sat in the taxis on her own. There is contradiction in the stance of Afghan ambassador daughter. One team is coming from Afghanistan and we will provide it all the information about the matter.

He remarked Afghanistan has made progress in the field of cricket in far less time. Because at what position Afghan team stands at present the teams of other countries spent 70 years reaching this level . The main reason behind it Afghan refugees learnt cricket in the camps based in Pakistan.

This is wrong impression prevailing in Afghanistan that Pakistan is controlled by military institutions. Unfortunately this all propaganda has been unleashed by India.

It has been my stance always that there is only political solution of Afghanistan issue rather than military solution.
I stand by my stance since the last three years tenure of my government, he remarked.

Trade with Central Asian states is possible only if there is peace in Afghanistan, he underscored.

Pakistan is desirous of peace with India, he said adding India however does not want peace because it is under the influence of RSS ideology.

Responding to a question he said we have nothing to do with what the Taliban are doing. This should be asked from Taliban.

If you think Taliban should not be in government then “ continue war with US support. We have no concern with Taliban. We want peace only in Afghanistan.

There are millions of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan, therefore, how can we check who are Taliban among them.

Durand line was considered an imaginary border but Pakistan erected fencing therein then and made it secure.

Possibility of monopoly of one group in Afghanistan stands ruled out and if it is done so then its outcome will be civil war, he cautioned.