Free legal services growing, KHM to access Lahore, Peshawar and Toba Tek Singh


Rawalpindi, (Parliament Times) : After establishing a 4 members lawyers panel in Rawalpindi for the provision of free access to justice to the underprivileged who cannot afford fee of lawyers for fighting their cases in the courts of law, the Knight Human Management (KHM) Shalaan Pakistan has expanded its free legal aid services to Lahore, Peshawar and Toba Tek Sing under KHM Law Associates.

Khalid Nawaz, Chief Executive Officer of KHM told this to a meeting of KHM Law Associates held here on Wednesday.

He said that our one point agenda was to provide free legal aid to those people who can’t afford expenditures for filing and fighting their cases in the law courts. “These people have no option but to surrender their rights owing to poverty and lack of resource”, he added. He said the cases of the poor and the oppressed people would be filed and fought for free in the courts of law to enable them to get their legal rights. He mentioned that in our society the poor people have no access to justice due to the heavy fee of lawyers.

“Immediately after taking practical steps to protect the legal rights of the poor in Rawalpindi, we also provided free access to justice to the underprivileged people in Lahore and now we have the free services of lawyers from Peshawar and Toba Tek Singh,” he maintained. Khalid Nawaz said that in property and money disputes, oppression, harassment and family disputes, many people are seeing their rights being bled due to poverty and they are unable to present their cases in the legal courts. We have started free legal aid services to help such people. “We will gradually form lawyers’ panels in other cities of the country in this regard,” he mentioned.

He further said that free legal aid team in Rawalpindi includes Syed Muhammad Hassan Abbas Advocate High Court, Sidra Al-Zahra Advocate High Court, Muhammad Mansoor Warraich Advocate High Court and Imran Rasool Khokhar Advocate High Court. Akhtar Rasool Zafar Advocate and Mudassir Rasool advocate shall render their free of cost service in Toba Tek Singh while Usman Advocate will head the team in Peshawar. These legal aid teams shall oversee the registration of cases of the poor people, their full follow-up and other legal matters in return for which no fee will be charged.