Commendable decision to prohibit USA for using air bases: Rana Akhtar



LAHORE:  PTI Deputy Information secretary for Central Punjab Rana Akthar Hussain has said that PM Imran Khan decision to not allow USA to use our air bases is the reflection of nations collective will. Pakistani rulers in Past were submissive before their American counterparts. PM Khan is genuinely guardian of our ideological base. 220 millions Pakistani now standing with PM Khan. While talking to PTI workers in party office this sunday Rana Akthar Hussain said that PMLN and PPP are creating propaganda against govt regarding the matter of hadning over Air bases to US army. By taking a clear stand on Air base issue PM Imran Khan has proved that he is the true defender of Pakistan and its nation. Pakistani Nation is lucky that it is governed by a leader like Imran Khan. Public knew how rulers in past for dollars and to compromised out national security.Today same politicians are criticizing govt just to politicize this issue. Theses people will fail in their agendas just like they failed in previous endeavors.