New Zigzag technology helps to reduce pollution worth 80pc: PHA Chiarman


Rawalpindi,  (Parliament Times ) :  Vice chairman of Parks and Horticulture Authority Rawalpindi Malik Abid Hussain has said that zigzag technology introduced in brick kilns in Punjab has lessen the amount of air pollution by 70 to 80 percent. Punjab Government has, so far converted 7986 brick kilns from traditional fixed chimney bulls trench kiln to zigzag technology which reduced carbon emission by 60 percent coupled with other benefits.

He said this while talking to the concerned staff during the inspection of Rawal Park and Allama Iqbal Park Murree Road here on Tuesday.

He said the new technology has reduced coal consumption by 20 per cent, carbon emissions by 60 per cent. “It produces more A-grade bricks and the production of bricks also enhanced by 80 per cent”, he added.

“By removing these toxic and injurious gases from the air, the Punjab government has made significant progress in making the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green Pakistan program a success, for which Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar and his team deserve congratulations”, he mentioned.

Malik Abid Hussain said that our government is working tirelessly for the complete elimination of air, water and land pollution. All the concerned agencies of the Punjab Government are fulfilling their responsibilities for a clean and green Pakistan. “We are delighted to learn the benefits of converting the kilns to ZigZag technology,” he said. Thanks to this technology, he said, the daily production of kiln owners has increased by more than 80% and the coal used for cooking bricks is completely burned inside the kilns, which has reduced the emissions of black and toxic fumes by more than 60%.

He said the Punjab government is transferring all other kilns to the same technology. He said that on the other hand, PHA, Forest Department, Agriculture and other concerned agencies are also working hard to increase the forest areas and we are hopeful that as a result of these collective efforts we will, by the grace of Almighty Allah, successful in making the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green Pakistan program a hundred percent success.