Jobless Balochistan


Waseem Ahmed
Balochistan is said to be the land of poors. Here a poor dies in poverty; whereas, a rich in richness. Here, getting a job is considered a miracle and the biggest gift of Allah. Spending a comfortable life is just a dream here. In short, they are not permitted to live a comfortable and easy life. Sometimes they are blamed in the name of extremist and nationalist, sometimes thieves and robbers, sometimes terrorists and sometimes traitors.Approximately, the entire Balochistan depends on diesel which is supplied from Iran border. The same diesel is supplied to different parts of Pakistan on different rates. Due to this, poor Balochs get some amount and spend that on their families; pretending to be happy but they are not happy; as they are sleepless. The drivers drive all the day and night. Due to diesel the oven-likes of several Balochs burn. But, recently the Iran border was closed. It was ordered to not bring diesel. The entire Balochistan is hungry for their source of income was only diesel. If supplying of diesel, considered a crime and sin, is banned so how can they earn their livelihood? Okay! No problem, we agree that diesel supplying is against the state. But at least give them other jobs. It is your responsibility to take  care of your every citizen. Give them good education and jobs; they will never finger you out. First you deprive them of their basic rights then you say that be silent and die in hunger. So how can they remain silent? It is impossible. It is Islamically unfair. If they are doing wrong, make them understand and show them the right path and give them the facilities to go on the right path. It is not fair that you compel them to to be extremist and die.Government seriously needs to focus on the problems Balochistan is suffering. The solution of the problems should also be found. No any Baloch should be deprived of.