Difficult days are coming for PTI after Gilani’s victory: Gul




Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times) :  Mohammad Abdullah Gul, Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan (TJP), while expressing his views on the Senate elections, said that due to the poor performance of Imran Khan, everybody is happy with the victory of Yousuf Raza Gilani. He said that the government gave Hafeez Sheikh a ticket to the Senate at the request of the IMF. He had reservations about the people. He was stamped by foreign institutions and had dual citizenship. He was disliked by government members besides the opposition. The government should have elected Hafeez Sheikh from a province and nominated a famous personality at the Federal. The defeat of a government candidate in front of a convicted candidate from the Supreme Court is a question mark for the government. Due to the advisers imported from abroad, the people as well as their assembly members and workers are unhappy with IK. He said If the chairman of the opposition is elected in senate, it will be difficult for the government to legislate. Now for Imran Khan has to stay in government there is only one moral justification for them to get a vote of confidence immediately if he win then ok, otherwise the assemblies should be dissolved and re-elections should be held so that the existence of a national government can come into effect and the people, from government and the opposition can get rid of the riot.