Is Armenia going towards Dictatorship?

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Asadullah Baloch
As we going to dicuss Armenia which remained part of former Soviet union in a mountainous region between Asia and Europe.Armenia declared as earliest Christian civilization.Nikol Pashinyan was took charge of Prime minister of Armenia on 08 May 2018.Recently during Azerbaijan and Armenia fought on Karabagh because of occupied area of Azerbaijan the war won by Azerbaijan because of military strategies and planning.A peace process run by Putin between Azerbaijan and Turkey,but opposition of Armenia claims that their PM is betrayer confer karabagh valley on hands of Azerbaijan.Armenian people protest for Karabagh valley while on other hand Armenian Army noticed PM to give resignation.PM claims Russia to infuntionable weapons are cause of failure of traditional war. Armenian PM notices on social media the rebellion of Armenian Army for power.Turkey and other countries opposes statement of Aremenian Army.COAS of Army removed by Government civil protest are cool due to winter.The gas pipeline warns by Armenian Forces to attack which passes through Caspian BTC (bakhu,tibilici and cian) to destroyed this pipeline which supplied gas to Turkey.Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told in conference state people have rights to tell against democratic government not to Army to oppose the government.


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