No shortage of wheat in Punjab, says Raja Rashid


Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times)  :  Punjab Minister for Literacy and Informal Basic Education Raja Rashid Hafeez has said that there is no shortage of wheat in Punjab. The government will not leave loose those who want to create a crisis of atta during Ramadan and will not allow any imbalance in demand and supply in special Ramadan bazaars including general markets across the province. Increase in the support price of wheat has been made on the special directives of the Prime Minister Imran Khan in view of benefiting the farmers and increasing the production of wheat which will have no effect on the existing stock of wheat and flour will be made available at pre-determined rates.

He said this while addressing a gathering in New Mohalla UC 46 after inaugurating the newly constructed road above the nullah flowing through the area on long standing public demand. The funds for construction of this road were approved by the minister from his discretion. He also addressed the open court held in front of his office at Saidpur Road.

Raja Rashid Hafeez said that the national resources are the public belonging and PTI government is ensuring the transparent use of these resources on public welfare schemes and this is the change we are talking about. He mentioned that we are the guards of national exchequer and are spending every penny of it on public welfare projects with utmost honesty. He said that Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar has adopted a uniform and non-discriminatory policy for the development of the entire province and provision of basic amenities to the people.

“For the first time in the history of the province, contracts of construction work are being awarded on merit and it is being ensured with utmost care that public money is spent only on public welfare and no corruption is occurred”, he added.

Raja Rashid Hafeez said that the people should support the government in the process of reconstruction of our dear homeland. “All country loving citizens must reject the negative politics of the opposition which are pleased to each other today to save their corrupt earnings whereas in the past these same allies were chanting slogans to recover the looted wealth from each other’s stomach”, he mentioned. “They have been making deceptive declarations and our government has practically started a jihad against corruption,” he said. The people of the area thanked the provincial minister for meeting the long standing public demand and winning the hearts of the people.

In the public court, the provincial minister listened to the personal and collective problems of the people including traders and issued instructions to the concerned authorities on the spot for their solution. He also listened to public suggestions regarding ongoing development projects in different areas and assured them of implementation. Raja Rashid Hafeez said that instead of spending our resources and energies on publicity, we have spent all our resources on real public welfare projects. The minister further stated that the development works which have been completed or are being completed in my constituency have no example in the past.