S. A Haidri
Muzaffarabad: Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Uzair Ahmad Ghazali has said that Jammu and Kashmir Solidarity Day will be observed on February 5th to show solidarity with the beleaguered people of Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir and to raise voice against Indian military aggression in the disputed state.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Uzair Ghazali said that people would observed 5th February as “Jammu and Kashmir Solidarity Day”.

In this regard, he said that a rally will be started from Burhan Wani Shaheed Chowk in the capital Muzaffarabad at 9 am which will march towards Ada Dhakki.

He maintained that Rallies will also be held at (Chakoti) Jhelum Valley and (Athmaqam) Neelam Valley at 11 am.

He said that the purpose of the rallies is to pay homage to the people of the occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir to highlight their eternal story of courage, bravery and sacrifices for freedom.

“A nation that is fighting unarmed against India’s 900,000 invading Indian Army” he added.

The statement said that through public rallies, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir should be brought to the notice of international organizations by raising voice against state aggression, military and state terrorism in the disputed state under the guise of black laws.

Ghazali further said that the Indian government and forces should know that Jammu and Kashmir is not a part of India, “neither oppression nor misuse of force can deprive the people of the state of their right to freedom and self-determination” he voiced.

He reiterated that people will come out of their houses and participate in rallies to become the voice of freedom and self-determination of the besieged brethren in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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