MCA to launch a “Get Pakistan Out of FATF Grey List” campaign



LAHORE  :   The Muslim Council of America has announced that it will launch a “Get Pakistan Out of FATF Grey List” campaign. They also paid tribute to the sacrifices made by Pakistan Armed Forces under the leadership of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in the war against terrorism.According to details, Rana Zaman Saeed, Chairman of the Muslim Council of America, which lobbies for Muslim countries in the United States, while talking to media during his visit to Lahore, said that the Armed Forces of Pakistan have made the most sacrifices against terrorism. Despite this, the inclusion of Pakistan in the FATF grey list is unfair against which we have decided to raise our voices in European countries, including the United States.Replying to a question, Rana Zaman Saeed said that by holding meetings with MPS from the United States and European Parliament, we will lobby on the issue of Pakistan inclusion in the FATF Grey list. We will also run a campaign so that the world knows that Pakistan supports peace whereas India Is the biggest facilitator of terrorists. The time is not far when Pakistan will be removed from the Grey list, he added.Chairman Muslim Council of America Rana Zaman Saeed said that there is no doubt that India should be blacklisted by FATF. We will raise our voice at every forum to expose India’s anti-peace intentions, he persevered.Talking to media, Rana Zaman Saeed thanked the new US President Joe Biden for lifting travel bans on some Muslim countries. He said that he hoped that Biden would also take notice of the atrocities against Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine and will support their right to freedom.