Egg prices beat all past records


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : Egg prices all over the country have risen to the high test-ever peak of Rs 200-240 per dozen with surging demand due to harsh winters. However, as a report consumers said the government has utterly failed in checking the egg price hike. besides, leaving them at the mercy of poultry farmers and retailers who in turn blame costly chicken feed for sharp jump in rates. Furthermore, the provincial capital of Balochistan, are now pegged at Rs240 per dozen while other major cities including Karachi and Lahore see the produce at Rs200 per dozen. Since the price shot up, large number of families in urban areas across the country are buying two to six eggs instead of a dozen or more eggs in one go citing cash crunch. And for the labour class, mostly men who have their breakfast at small hotels are feeling the pinch as their daily bill for anda paratha is going up to Rs70 due to soaring egg prices. Many now simply order a cup of tea and paratha, the prices of which are pegg