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Applying corona SOPs

According to WHO, mask is very essential and is an effective measure for COVID-19. We can stay safe a community by maintaining distance, avoiding crowds. But the protests in Pakistan such as PDM gatherings is showing bad attitude in terms of following SOPs. Therefore, the world should a little think how to live with the virus. -Barkatullah Turbat.

We lake force

Force is made for the protection of an state and it’s public.Unfortuneately,in Pakistan the police force is strange that not only straiten the innocent public but also don’t have any procedure of speaking. However,in Karachi police force is like bandit’s .Who stunt the innocent public mostly Balochs to provide them money and abord illegal ceases. Moreover,who come from the remote areas of the province for remedy and other especial work. Three is needed fully attention for such robbers who not only brand our force but also country. -Asif Jameel Kully

Covid-19 cases on spike

The first wave of covid-19 ushered us in quite difficult times. The world is going to confront the same scenario as the second wave of the pandemic appears on the ground. This time, the virus is expected to pose even more far-reaching implications relative to earlier phase. Thereby, it could drift the situation towards the worst. The gravity of the other wave can be understood from the fact that 2500 people contracted the lethal disease, coronavirus, in our country only in 24 hours on Thursday. That implies how the pandemic is spreading its tentacles across the length and breadth of the country. Hence, the current situation calls for immediate measures from both, the government and the public. The former should devise such strategies as to inhibit inexorable spread of the virus, whereas the latter should follow SOPs in the real meaning so as to nail down victory against the battle with the coronavirus. -Aamir Ali Shikarpur

“How to be emotionally strong?”
I know that all of us are having emotions and feelings but we human beings do not know how should we try to control them.I mean we know that this world will come to an end one day. Everything that is present over here is not going to remain forever but look what we humans do,we implicate our sentiments and hopes to the things that are not eternal and we all are well aware of this fact.This is because in this modern generation we all have forgotten the prime purpose of our lives.We all have bypassed Quranic teachings. Remember! What Surah Yousuf taught us?It is so beautiful.It teaches us that the closest people can betray,broken hearts can be healed with love,ease comes after hardships,being sad doesn't equal being grateful and people of patience have beautiful endings.So stop blaming your lives.Be grateful for everything you have got. Allah(SWT) tests everyone for everything. He(SWT) does test those people whom He(SWT) loves the most.He(SWT) does not test you only in hard times but He(SWT) may test you with ease as well.So be grateful and patient in every situation and you will se how He(SWT) will reward you.I pray may all your Insha’Allah’s change to Alhamdulilla’s (Ameen). -Javeria Rizwan Chishty.


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