Opposition demonstrates irresponsibility by not attending parliamentary committee meeting on Corona virus: Shibli Faraz


ISLAMABAD:   Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz on Wednesday said that opposition parties demonstrated irresponsibility by not attending parliamentary committee meeting on corona virus epidemic

In a statement, the minister hoped that opposition parties will give suggestions regarding controlling the spread of covid-19 in the session of parliamentary committee. We should jointly take steps for improving health related facilities for the nation, he asserted.

He held opposition parties gave clear message that their own politics rather than lives of people are dear to them. Politics should not be played on everymatter.

We had defeated first wave of corona successfully and the entire world appreciated our corona policy. Now second wave has entered into Pakistan.

The opposition has made it clear that they don’t recognize parliament by not attending the meeting of parliamentary committee, he remarked. They have taken wrong decision by boycotting a meeting on the crucial situation pertaining to future of country.

He alleged opposition wants such situation is created in the country that leads to increase unemployment and shift burden on hospital.

He urged the government to cooperate as government does not want to take any unilateral decision.


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