Ministry of Finance assures full implementation of Health Levy Bill



Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) : The Federal Ministry of Finance has given a written assurance to the Federal Ombudsman to take necessary steps for the implementation of the Health Levy Bill, General Secretary of Panah Sanaullah Ghumman expressed the hope that the government would make positive strides in curbing the menace to the health of the people.

On Tuesday, a hearing was held on the petition filed by Pakistan National Heart Association (Panah) in front of the Senior Health Adviser of the Federal Ombudsman regarding the health levy. General Secretary (PANAH) Sanaullah Ghman and Finance Minister appeared.

During the hearing, a member of the Finance Ministry informed the Federal Ombudsman in writing that public health is one of the main priorities of the government, therefore, we assure that necessary steps will be taken as soon as possible to implement the health levy.

It may be recalled that the application for Panah in the Health Levy case was heard before the Senior Advisor to the Federal Ombudsman on October 27. While Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary of Panah, said in his position that one of the main causes of heart, cancer and other deadly diseases is smoking and consumption of sugary drinks.

Despite the approval of the Health Levy Bill by the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet in support of the Panah Position, but it was not made a part of the Finance Bill. On this occasion, the FBR appeared and submitted its written statement stating that the FBR has no objection to the imposition of health levy. The FBR informed the Ministry of Health through a letter that we need a draft law to impose health tax.

During the yesterday hearing, the Federal Ombudsman was informed in writing by the Ministry of Finance that The Ministry of Health will take all necessary steps to introduce the Health Levy Bill in the Parliament session.


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