*Ministry of Health Logo Use for Personal Work Limelight*


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Ministry of health logo is used for personel work limelighted. Tobacco Smoke Free Capital (TSFC) is using government logo though doing private work source identified.In May 2019,
Supreme Court of Pakistan banned government employees from running private business, trade and consultancy. “Strengthening Tobacco-Smoke Free Islamabad Initiative”, run by Dr. Minhaj us Siraj (a government employee) is one such initiative which appears to be violating the decision made by supreme court. The goal of this project is to raise awareness on harms of tobacco consumption among the general population of federal capital of Islamabad. While tobacco consumption is an issue which requires utmost attention, no individual or entity should be allowed to use dubious platforms for this purpose.

According to the website this project is an expansion of “Islamabad model city project”, under Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Government of Pakistan. The website uses ministry’s logo and has a govt.pk domain address. However, it is noteworthy that CADD has been dissolved back in to the ministry and thus no project can be undertaken under this division anymore. This further raises questions on the authenticity of the claim made by the initiative.

Considering the grave nature of the issue, it is important that government takes action on this matter and the public is informed whether this initiative is a public entity or private venture and its legal status should be made clear.


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