Welfare of people basic PANAH’s basic purpose: Ghumman


ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times) : Assistant Commissioner Maleeha Easar Rawalpindi said that the service of mankind does not need institutions or positions, it is a spirit of faith that
awakens in the hearts which is no less than a reward, Pakistan National Heart
Association (PANAH) to provide heart disease awareness and treatment
facilities is commendable. We are with them in every noble cause of Panah.
He said this during an important meeting with General Secretary of Panah
Sanaullah Ghumman in his office here yesterday.
During meeting General Secretary of Panah Sanaullah Ghumman while briefing
the Assistant Commissioner about the Panah efforts said that Panah has been
educating the people about heart diseases for last 36 years. The team was seen
standing by the side of the government, we do our job as a duty, the Panah does
its best to protect the people from heart disease and its causative agents,
smoking and sugary drinks increase the risk of cancer, including heart disease. ,
Diabetes, Mental Weakness, Stomach, Tremor and other ailments.The
commissioner's office and the Panah have a common goal and that is to serve
General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman also offered Assistant Commissioner
Maleeha Easae to be the Panah Ambassador, to which Assistant Commissioner
Maleeha Easar said that she would assure all possible help and cooperation in
carrying out the Panah efforts. Yes, the aim of the district administration is to
lead the country on the path of development and provide facilities to the
people. We need institutions that are at the forefront of serving the people.

On this General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman appreciated the goodwill of the
Assistant Commissioner and thanked her ,he assured that Panah was ready to
extend all possible cooperation to the district administration.


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