Trade, prosperity in tribal areas are linked to peace in Afghanistan: PM


MOHMAND:   Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said trade and prosperity in tribal areas are linked to peace in Afghanistan.

“ anti state elements sitting outside the country don’t want merger of tribal areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and they provide funding for this purpose”, PM said this while addressing a gathering of notables in Mohmand after inaugurating Nahakki Tunnel and Sheikh Zaid Road in Mohmand.

He went on to say “ the principles followed by state of Medina is our ideology. We have to raise the weaker segments of society. The development should be based on the principle that all the areas are uplifted. This should not be done that one city is uplifted and the remaining are left backward.

He held that one party is elected from interior Sindh but it does nothing for Karachi. Therefore, Karachi is facing adverse situation. Such situation was also in Punjab. Only one city Lahore was uplifted the remaining cities lagged behind.

“It is our endeavour that maximum funds are utilized on the uplift of tribal areas. The provinces had pledged before election that they would provide 3 percent of their share of NFC award to tribal areas. But when we came to power then no province except KP is ready to provide their three percent share. The rest of the provinces have said that the situation is worst.

He urged that the provinces should deliver their pledge.

Expressing apprehension PM said the enemy is in full contact with the elements opposed to amalgamation of tribal areas with KP and is making all efforts to foment chaos. The anti-state elements sitting abroad provide funds to the elements engaged in creating hurdles in the merger of tribal areas with KP.

He observed merger of tribal areas with KP and erection of fencing on borders have eliminated smuggling from Afghanistan. Eradicating smuggling is must because it is causing harm to the country.

We are preparing to operate border markets so that people who are engaged in trade with Afghanistan could get jobs, he held.

I pray that peace talks between Taliban and Afghan succeed. Certain elements and countries don’t want peace is restored in Afghanistan. If peace prevails in Afghanistan then it will herald a change in the entire tribal areas and trade will start. Trade opportunities from Pakistan to Central Asia will be created and this way tremendous prosperity will come.

He announced to issue health cards soon to the people of tribal areas adding this way they will be able to get medical treatment against Rs 750000 annually on government expenses.


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