322 housing societies declared illegal in District RWP

RAWALPINDI:    322 bigger or smaller housing societies and schemes have been declared illegal, whereas only 64 housing societies have been declared legal in the District Rawalpindi.
According to media reports all the operations of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) have completely failed against illegal housing societies and schemes.
The District Administration and RDA are having friendly attitude with all the declared illegal housing societies, due to which millions of rupees investment in illegal housing societies of thousands of people have sunk.
RDA has declared illegal the 223 housing societies in Rawalpindi, 58 in Murree, 9 in Gujar Khan, 29 in Taxila and 3 in Kotli Sattian, whereas 55 housing societies in Tehsil Rawalpindi, 5 in Taxila and only 4 in Murree are declared legal.
There are 223 illegal and only 55 legal housing societies in Rawalpindi. All the illegal housing societies have offices, sale and purchase of plots is underway uninterrupted here. RDA till now has never demolished any illegal housing society.
Due to this friendly attitude of the administration, the number of illegal housing societies are increasing like mushrooms in the District.
District Administration and RDA till now has never filed a case in police station or anti corruption, against the owners and organizers of any illegal housing society. The administration while doing only lip service provide friendly environment to the owners of the illegal housing societies.

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