Those conspiring against CPEC are enmies of Pakistan says PJL chief


Lahore: Chairman Pakistan Jamhori League Rana Zaman Saeed has said that those who are conspiring against CPEC are the enemies of Pakistan. Such elements should be punished so that they become lesson for others like them.Talking to Secretary General Sohail Ahmad, Zahid Ahmad Gondal, and Dr Atif among others Chairman Pakistan Jamhori League Rana Zaman Saeed said that those who facilitate enemies of country should not be forgiven at any cost. Rooting out corruption is necessary but both the government and opposition are making fools out of public by doing politics in the matter of accountability. Accountability cannot be ensured unless NAB becomes completely independent. He said that unfortunately in Pakistan, governments have always attacked opposition parties in name of accountability. As a result, those who should be held accountable become innocent in eyes of public. If accountability is done as per the constitution in Pakistan, we can get rid of corruption completely. In fact, all institutions including the Parliament will be corruption free.Zaman Saeed said that rooting out corruption is the only way to eradicate poverty and inflation in Pakistan. He said that disqualification is not enough for those who are corrupt, in fact properties of such people should be confiscated and they should be given strict punishment so that nobody dares to plunder the national treasury that belongs to the people of Pakistan