PPP Tharparkar holds protest against Loadshedding


By GR Junejo

Mithi: Pakistan People’s Party Tharparkar staged protest rally here in Mithi against load-shedding, issuance of detection bills and allegedly demanding of illegal amount for changing of faulty transformers by HESCO authorities in cities and rural areas and others Problems of Sindh like 18th Amendment,NFC Award and others issus of Sindh.
The protest rally led by MPA Faqer Sher Muhammad Bilalani,Special Assistant to CM Sindh Veerji Kolhi,Divisional President PYO Sushil Kumar Malani,Nandlal Malhi,Mahesh Bhel,Kamla Bhel,Dr Manoj Malani and other PPP Leader’s.
PPP Activists Said that the entire province facing severe load shedding due to “incompetency and inefficiency” of the federal government.
They said this load shedding is badly affecting both domestic and industrial activities and people see no difference between day and night as darkness falls all the time and no work activity takes place. People are pushed to live without gas, petrol and electricity, The present government has so far failed to live up to the expectance of people and unable to redeem especially when it comes to provision of basic needs to general public. Government’s ill-construct policies and actions have moved the country into a vortex of crisis, they added.
Calling PM Imran Khan they said, he want to follow the mission of dictators and bulldozing the 18th Amendment and imposing the presidential form of govt they said we will prefer to die but will not let him to do it.

They claimed that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is busy in political engineering and even the judiciary has mentioned political engineering in its verdict. NAB is arresting opposition politicians whereas the government members are free to roam about, they added.

The leader’s of People’s Party Participated in the rally including Nandlal Malhi,Dr Manoj Malani,Mahesh Bhel,Kamla Bhel,Nawaz Baghi,Om Parkash,Karemdino Dal,Essa Rahimon,Samtra Manjiani,Nashad Rizwan,Qadir Nohri,Mukhi Bherulal,Barkat Jan Bajer and others.