PAL hosts seminar on “Concept of Pakistaniyat: Possibilities and Boundaries”


Islamabad (P.R): A discussion Program on “Concept of Pakistaniyat: Possibilities and Boundaries” was organized by the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in connection with the online “Weekly Celebrations of Independence Day”. The participants were Dr. Abid Sial, Dr. Farrukh Nadeem and Dr. Ravish Nadeem.

Dr. Yousuf Kushk, Chairman, PAL Pakistan, introduced the concept program and thanked the participants. He said that the concept of Pakistaniyat emerged after the creation of Pakistan. The foundation was laid before Pakistan was formed.

He said that after the formation of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam said in his speech that all Muslims and non-Muslims living in Pakistan are equal. After the formation of Pakistan, the nation formed Pakistaniyat which includes civilization, culture and literature.

Dr. Abid Sial said that the concept of Pakistaniyat still needs to be put into practice, we have to go beyond what happened in the past. We now have to make the journey of progress under collective thinking, we need consensus, unity in all respects and we have to end enmity and hatred. The colors of the cultures and languages of all the provinces of Pakistan must be combined and painted in the colors of nationality. All the languages and cultures of Pakistan are like a bouquet. There is no contradiction between religion and the constitution. This is essential for the future of Pakistan.

Dr. Farrukh Nadeem said that with the ideology we have to unite the culture, civilization and culture of all the provinces in the form of unity. Even today, writers are connected to culture and only writers can find a way for it. Somehow, they stand with imperialism and isolated their culture.

Dr. Khalid Fayyaz said that the sharing of culture and languages within Pakistan can unite the people. For this, the education system needs to be improved. Only the thinking of Pakistaniyat has to be nurtured. Writers have performed this duty in every age and have never spoken of animosity and hatred.

Dr. Ravish Nadeem said that the region in which Pakistan exists has been known as Indus Valley for centuries. The culture and civilization of this region are different from India and others. Our writers are spokesmen of this culture, we have to promote the idea of Pakistaniyat.